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Social media is a very powerful tool for business in today’s world you need to get connected to your customers and prospective customer. Focusing on Twitter and how to get optimal use out of it in growing your small business. Customers are already tweeting so you might as well join the conversation. You can have an impact in 140 characters or less.

The Bio

The bio is 70 percent business and a few things about you. This gives you a personal relationship with customers including links to your web site, Yahoo, Google and Facebook accounts. The real power in tweeting is really in connections helping to spread your tweets through out the networks. You need to know how to get the best values out of connections. If at all possible make sure you thank them for the re-tweets.

Hash Tags

A hash tag begins with a # sign, is used to organize conversations around a given topic and encourages participation takes you to search results for that term. A new product or service you are offering is a great way for others to find relevant information on it. While hash tags are great I recommend not over using them because they could become annoying.


Twitter has a wonderful feature that takes any link length and condenses it to 19 characters making it easy to fit URLs in a message with the 140 character limit. This is a great way to make use of back links just tweet to sites that link to you.

Engaging Audience

Make sure your voice is consistent with identity and image to portray for business. Tweet about principles, strengths, values as well as your products and services. Re-tweeting your followers tweets are a good way of encouraging them to re-tweet for you. Posing tweets as questions or asking for opinions is great way of engaging contacts.

Be Professional

Make sure you are using proper grammar and spelling. Nothing is more embarrassing than messing up here. Be aware of who the audience is and tailor tweets for them. Do not get too personal, you want to develop relationships, but keep it appropriate. If you get a complaint tweet take it off the public arena. Handle it in private nothing is more unprofessional then hashing problems out in public.

Make It A Habit

While I recommend tweeting regularly do not over tweet so that you annoy your followers. Through future tweets you can schedule up coming events or new products freeing up your time.


Share a photo with funny tweet, pose a Q & A, does your new product or service solve a problem? Make sure to be sharing useful or inspirational information it will guarantee a good following and re-tweets.

I hope this helps you in optimizing tweets to get the best impact for your small business and happy tweeting.


Source by Brigitte J August

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