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The most common hardware failure that makes a PC run slow or even freeze would be a corrupted or bad hard drive.
In that case, the best solution would be to back up your data and transfer it to a new hard drive.
Increase Speed by upgrading your hardware. One quick way to increase your PC speed is to upgrade your RAM Memory.

By having enough memory your programs will run more efficient and fast. (Helps the PC multitask) Increase Speed by upgrading your hard drive.

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Computer Won't Turn on or start ? Hardware problems ?

Power failure is one of the scariest problems that can happen to your PC. If your computer is not powering on don’t panic! Most of the time, customers are worried about losing their data but chances are that the power failure is due to a bad power supply, defective video card, or bad motherboard . 99% of times the hard drive is not affected in this case, and all the data remains intact even though the PC is not powering on.

Program fail to start / Window is not starting / Blue Screen Error

We see a lot of frustration with customers when Windows stop starting, blue screens, restarts, and /or programs stop responding the way they should. The main reason why we see this happening it’s due to a system corruption, a bad update, a changed in the system, a bad driver, or change in the system in general.

You should know that your PC is constantly running programs/updates in the background and sometimes they will corrupt a file, causing system errors. Most of the times, we are able to fix a system/registry error and restore your system to a working state. We work on all Windows Systems ( Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.)

Virus / Spyware / Malware / Trojans Ransomware Removal

Is your computer infected with a virus ? are you getting pop ups or browser redirects ? If the answer is yes, your pc might be infected with a virus/malware. Recently, we started seeing a lot of viruses that will hijack your browser and redirect you to offer advertisements pages or/ and adult sites. Another type of virus will install unnecessary software in your system and try to sell you products. The last type of virus is the ransom ware .

This virus is really evil and does create serious damage to your system files and documents. This type of virus will encrypt all your documents and personal files and will demand a ransom in exchange for the encrypted files.

Once we have removed the viruses we can install anti-virus

Computer Upgrades - Memory Upgrades - Hard Drive Upgrades

Whether your PC needs memory RAM or your Windows Operating System needs an upgrade, we can help! Is your computer running slow ? are you running out of storage space ? is your windows out of date ? If so bring your computer or laptop to us We will upgrade your computer and offer recommendations to ensure your pc runs smooth and fast. Most Common Upgrades: Memory Ram Hard Drive Upgrade Windows 10