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Benefits of branding

Custom Branded Water Bottles are a great way of getting your brand message out in front of your audience. People are focused on health and what they can do to improve their well-being. Water is used to hydrate and keep people refreshed during the day. Many businesses benefit from this type of marketing and branding and it’s a great way to give value to your clients.

Here are a 6 Benefits of Custom Branded Water:


  1. Mobile Marketing: Branded water is 100% mobile. Most people carry water bottles around and refill them many times. This form of advertising keeps on going and you don’t have to pay anything for it besides the initial investment.
  2. Cost Effective: Labels and bottled water combined is a lot less expensive compared to spending on printing Ads, TV or on the radio. This type of campaign can also spread out to as many people.
  3. Branded Water Is The Ideal Messenger: Branded water is an ideal way to welcome customers, colleagues or business partners in many situations. You can use them at meetings, events or just on a hot day.
  4. More Effective Than Business Cards: Branded bottle water can act like a business card, instead of leaving a business card with customers – think about how effective a branded bottle water is with your logo and contact info?
  5. Encourage People to Drink More Water: By giving out branded water to the public – your business will be ultimately investing in the wellbeing of people. You will also get to benefit from free unlimited advertising in return. This is one of the most creative and simple ways to spread your brand’s message.
  6. Shows you are environmentally conscious:Through the use of custom branded water produced from BPA free bottles which are completely recyclable, you are supporting the climate change in your small way. Every little counts!


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In more ways than one, branding is a pillar of success.

It helps you develop a set of features unique to your business, like a logo and brand name, which allows customers to come to know your brand and associate it with what you have to offer.

Branding is impactful in and of itself, but co-branding brings additional opportunities and benefits to businesses that engage in it. In this post, discover the advantages that come from generating brand individuality for your business, and the added benefits that come from co-branding with a partner.

1. Branding is often the deciding factor for consumers making purchasing decisions.

Branding is often the deciding factor for consumers when making a purchase decision. In fact, consumers report being more likely to buy from brands that they know or know and already have a positive experience with.

2. Branding gives your business an identity.

Branding gives your business an identity beyond just the products and services you sell. You become more than just a name, especially if you develop a brand mission separate from your products.

3. Branding sets you apart from competitors in a saturated market.

There’s no way to quantify how many brands there are globally, but there are certainly a lot. Given this, branding helps you stand out from the crowd and gain an edge in an increasingly competitive market.

4. Branding makes your business memorable.

Strong branding makes your business memorable and recognizable to consumers.

5. Branding supports your marketing efforts and promotes consistency.

When you have consistent branding, future business efforts always have a clear path to follow. You’ll spend less time coming up with ways to present yourself and more time ensuring that you’re consistently delivering high-quality content, products, and experiences that customers desire.

6. Branding builds credibility and trust.

Inconsistency confuses, but strong branding does the opposite.

Customers don’t have to guess how or why your content and products relate to your business because it’s clear. This helps build credibility because you show consumers that you stick to your word and don’t engage in practices that seem misaligned with what you stand for.

7. Branding inspires customer loyalty and retention.

Branding increases trust, and trust is a pillar of customer loyalty.

Your identity attracts customers because they can tell what you stand for, which helps them feel connected to you. When customers feel connected to a business, they’re more likely to be loyal. Loyal customers, in turn, drive revenue, as they’re more likely to make repeat purchases and draw in new clients to your business.


8. Branding encourages word-of-mouth marketing.

Having consistent branding makes customers loyal, which makes them more likely to practice word-of-mouth marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing is when consumers promote you to their friends, family, and even strangers online. This is highly beneficial for all businesses, as people trust other consumers more than marketers because they believe they have an agenda.

9. Branding helps you share your values.

Customers are more interested than ever before in buying from companies that share their same values, so having a consistent message to share is critical. In fact, if customers believe you’re making a positive impact on the world, they would pay 31 to 50% more for products and services.

10. Branding builds internal employee morale and pride.

Branding is beneficial for outward conceptions, but it also impacts internal employee retention, morale, and hiring processes.





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