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The most common hardware failure that makes a PC run slow or even freeze would be a corrupted or bad hard drive.
In that case, the best solution would be to back up your data and transfer it to a new hard drive.
Increase Speed by upgrading your hardware. One quick way to increase your PC speed is to upgrade your RAM Memory.

By having enough memory your programs will run more efficient and fast. (Helps the PC multitask) Increase Speed by upgrading your hard drive.

If you have a tight budget, we have refurbished computers for sale.

Computer Won't Turn on or start ? Hardware problems ?

Power failure is one of the scariest problems that can happen to your PC. If your computer is not powering on don’t panic! Most of the time, customers are worried about losing their data but chances are that the power failure is due to a bad power supply, defective video card, or bad motherboard . 99% of times the hard drive is not affected in this case, and all the data remains intact even though the PC is not powering on.

Sim Swap services. We offer sim swap services for.
Telkom sim swap
Vodacom sim swap:

  • Buy a new Prepaid starter pack and register it for RICA.
  • Dial 136 from the new SIM.
  • Select the option to use your old cellphone number.
  • You will be routed to a call centre consultant who will do the SIM swap for you.
  • Put your new SIM into your devic

Sim swap mtn
How to do a sim swap on mtn
SMS the word ‘Swap’ from your OLD SIM to 44770 (standard SMS rates apply)
You’ll receive a one-time PIN (OTP), which is valid for 15 minutes (write it down)
SMS ‘Swap(LTE SIM number)*(OTP)#’ to 44770, e.g., Swap1234567890*1234# (standard SMS rates apply)


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how to transfer airtime on mtn
To transfer airtime:

Dial *136*3# and follow the prompts.
Or dial *136*6328*(cellphone number you’re sending airtime to)*(value of airtime)#